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We dentists know what you say behind our backs!

Gulp. You fear the 18” needle (jk) that we use for anesthetic. You grip the chair, expecting pain any second, as we tip you further and further back. Now, we hover near you to get a good look. You just know that you will choke on something during procedures. What about when you want to swallow? Things smell funny and, oh, the sound of that dental drill!

That is exactly why we focus on your comfort. It doesn’t have to be dental care from the archaic past. We have ergonomic chairs and an extra pillow to support your neck. We provide headphones that damp out drill sounds and dark glasses that minimize the high-intensity light needed. Plus, we chase around water and saliva like Ninjas. We tell you every step before we do it, and stop working if we see a need, or if you signal. Finally, we use newer materials that are specifically designed to “set” quickly.

We are committed to stamp out Dentophobia!

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