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Delores Didn’t Like Her Denture

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It has been a little more than two years since Delores came to see me for the first time. She was getting remarried on Valentine’s Day, at the courthouse, and wanted “real teeth” rather than her existing denture. She was self-conscious of her denture breath and lamented all the food that she could no longer enjoy. We took x-rays to evaluate the health and quantity of her bone, then started the process toward dental implants the next week. I modified her existing denture so she could chew food and smile while the implant posts, placed in the jawbone, would integrate with her own bone.

Over the next couple of months, she collected pictures of “a perfect smile” from ads and then brought them in for discussion one day. We discussed the pros and cons of her selections, using computerized images, as well as her expectations about the upcoming procedures. She was absolutely amazed about the effect each image had on her overall appearance!

Fast forward through the chairside procedures, and now Delores has that smile. She drops off a tin of nuts, flavored popcorn, or chocolate covered caramels to the office occasionally. Each one has a note attached. She writes, “I can enjoy this because of you, so you should enjoy this because of me”. She has referred nine people to our dental practice this year.

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