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Personal Wellness

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I’ve been a dentist for over 43 years, sometimes treating patients with a damaged self-image. They lack confidence, do not take pride in their accomplishments, or avoid social interactions. Some do all three! Addressing how teeth might contribute to their situation is complicated. The topic is often considered taboo – patients are sometimes hesitant to discuss it and dentists are afraid of offending. There are several studies to indicate that a damaged self-image leads to depression.

At Winterset Dental Care, our motto is “We not only treat teeth but we treat people”. A good example is Mary whose sister was already a Winterset patient. A week earlier, her sister had stated that Mary never smiled because she was embarrassed by her ugly teeth. She went on to admit that Mary avoided family functions and had few friends. During my medication review on Mary, as a new patient, I noticed that she listed an antidepressant on her medical history form. She estimated taking this for over 5 years.

After an exam and a couple of visits, with conversation, we created a Digital Smile for Mary before doing anything significant. When Mary saw the potential in her smile, her first reaction was tears of joy! She went through a Smile Makeover and gained the confidence to step out of her comfort zone. Moreover, she then worked on her image, changing the style of her clothing and embracing opportunities to try something new. I have treated many people and firmly believe that improving a patient’s smile gives them the mental boost necessary to think far beyond their current perception of reality.

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