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Brave, Lucky, and Confident

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My patient, Wendy, is a brave woman. She’d grown up with crooked teeth and confessed to me that she was always embarrassed to smile. She’d raised two children, almost completely by herself, and driven them to their orthodontist appointments. While she couldn’t see herself with braces, she was determined that no child of hers was going to have crooked teeth!

Wendy is also a lucky woman. She’d buy one Lottery ticket weekly so, when she visited my office, I’d usually ask her if she’d won anything. A couple of years ago, she actually received a significant payout and decided that she would put her money where her mouth was. I treatment planned her total mouth reconstruction, which included a small amount of orthodontic treatment, and we’ve just completed the final phase.

Wendy is now a confident woman. She has advanced in her career and has started dating again. She’s lost weight and donned a contemporary hairstyle.

One of my favorite roles, as a dentist, is taking part in a Cinderella story, like this one!

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