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If Only They Made Fake Nails for Teeth

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Ladies today enjoy their long, painted nails, which don’t break. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a similar material could be cemented to front teeth? Though this specific cementing process is NOT safe in the mouth, there is an alternative product for misshapen or darkened teeth, called a “veneer”. These thin yet strong ceramics attach to the front of the front teeth, creating a smile makeover. Our office does this all the time. Unlike fake nails, veneers rarely pop off and the tooth doesn’t continue to grow longer underneath them!

With some guidance from my experience, patients choose the “color” of their veneers. Most almost always request the whitest of white, thanks to the marketing from America’s toothpaste commercials. I always demonstrate and discuss the advantages of natural shades and shapes that match one’s skin tone and the shape of nearby teeth, to provide another opinion.

Unlike fake nails, men also have a strong interest in veneers. Some believe that veneers improve their youthfulness, making career advancement a possibility. I’ve also seen two male patients, both who’d recently quit smoking, request veneers to reduce their inclination to resume smoking in the future.

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