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At the end of every year, most of us declare a change in behavior for the year to come. I’m going to give you some suggestions, as your dentist:

  1. Decide to remove the candy jar from your desk – you’ll get the gossip some other way.
  2. Place floss on the TV remote and clean between your teeth during the nightly news. Trust me, you can feel your teeth better than you see them.
  3. Give up sugary, carbonated soda pop, especially if you sip it over a half hour. The sugar, acid, and duration are a terrible combination for teeth.
  4. Do not suck on lemons. They are too acidic and will damage the enamel.
  5. The assortment of salty “chips” in lunches actually break down into sugar wedged in the grooves of teeth for 2-3 hours. Find an alternative.
  6. Never take a toothpick to your teeth and gums. It is a weapon of mass destruction.
  7. Do not expect your teeth to function like a wrench, scissors, or clamps unless it is a case of life or death.
  8. According to Health Funding Research, gum is not biodegradable. Don’t start, or you may never be able to wear sandals as you age.
  9. Change your toothbrush every six months, and don’t use the hard bristle version.
  10. Finally, visit your friendly dentist twice a year.

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