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One Tooth Is Sensitive to Cold Foods and Drinks

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I bet almost everyone has felt the sensation of cold food in their mouth. Personally, I don’t know how anyone is able to chew on ice – and I don’t recommend it. Ironically, the sensation to cold on one tooth may indicate a problem, such as decay, a hairline crack, or an exposed root surface. Tooth roots are not protected by strong enamel, like the visible part of the tooth you see, so they are more temperature sensitive. Aggressive brushing, back and forth near the gums, invites gum recession which shows off the yellow root surface of a tooth. In America, people equate yellow teeth with the elderly or someone who doesn’t adequately clean their teeth.

Should you have a tooth that is sensitive to cold, call our office. We have many years of experience with finding the source of your discomfort, and some of them are so simple. Why suffer?

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