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Immediate-placement Dental Implants

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At Winterset Dental, our expertise in implant dentistry enables us to offer the most advanced and effective treatment solutions for missing teeth in the dental field. Dental implants offer patients who are missing one or more of their natural teeth the opportunity to restore full function and health to their mouths while making their smiles whole once again. With implant-supported crowns, bridges, or dentures in place, patients are able to bite, chew, speak, and smile with renewed ease and confidence. Few procedures in medicine, let alone in dentistry, have the capacity to improve one’s quality of life quite as much as dental implants.

With the immediate-placement dental implants available at our Chicago, IL implant dentistry practice, qualified patients can experience that improvement in their quality of life more quickly and efficiently than ever before possible. While not all patients are suitable candidates for immediate-placement dental implants, those who are will enjoy the tremendous benefits this treatment modality has to offer.

Are you a good candidate for immediate-placement dental implants? To find out for yourself, please schedule your initial consultation at Winterset Dental today.

What Are Immediate-placement Dental Implants?

Immediate-placement dental implants are not a special type of dental implant, but rather an approach to treatment. In most patients, dental implants cannot be placed until a bone graft procedure has been performed. This is because dental implants require a certain amount of jaw bone to be present for the implant procedure to be successful. If the jaw bone is not sufficiently dense to support the dental implant, the titanium implant post cannot integrate with the bone. It is this integration process, called osseointegration, that distinguishes dental implants from other methods of securing dental restorations. The dental implant essentially becomes part of the patient’s natural anatomy over time; because the body cannot discern between the titanium post and a natural tooth root, the dental implant is able to provide unrivaled support and stability for a replacement tooth.

When a tooth is lost, the jaw bone underlying the tooth starts to degrade. This is because the body interprets the loss of a tooth as a sign that the bone is no longer in need of the body’s essential resources, so it falls into disrepair. If, however, the extraction of a badly damaged tooth is coordinated with the placement of a dental implant, then it is often possible to bypass the bone grafting stage – hence, immediate-placement dental implants. This type of immediate placement is also possible with patients whose tooth loss is recent enough that their jaw bones are still sufficiently dense to support dental implants.

Immediate-placement dental implants do not mean that osseointegration is not necessary. While patients will be provided with temporary dental crowns that restore the appearance of the smile, permanent crowns that can withstand the force of biting will be attached to the implants only after osseointegration is complete. Otherwise, the risk of implant failure increases.

Learn More about Immediate-placement Dental Implants

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